View Full Version : Suggestion: Make Weapon and Hands Hideable for Screenshot Purposes

04-28-2016, 03:51 PM
First, let me say that I'm really enjoying Primal on the Xbox One console. The game is very easy on the eyes & it's fun to wonder what's around the next boulder...especially at night! I'll admit I have a tendency to wander aimlessly, as I find the environment very immersive. The sound design is amazing and definitely adds a layer of "wow" I hadn't anticipated prior to playing FCP.

I also enjoy taking screenshots throughout Oros & plan to continue participating in the weekly screenshot challenge. I do have one suggestion, though. Would it be possible to add a setting that "hides" Takkar's arms/hands, as well as the weapon he's carrying? Maybe handle it via the "Options" menu, similar to how we can currently hide HUD items.

Would this be something anyone else would be interested in being able to do?

Happy Hunting!