View Full Version : Logitech G29 Wheel Support

04-28-2016, 03:37 PM
PS4 Trackmania Turbo (demo) does NOT support the Logitech G29.
Being a PS4 branded wheel it would be nice if the latest PS4 driving games would let us use it!

I've seen comments elsewhere saying "it's made to be played with a controller", but I had great fun playing the previous iterations on PC with a wheel.
The sensitivity was high, the force-feedback was non-existent, and it was extremely smooth and responsive.

Is the retail version any different, are there any plans for future support, or is this the final word?

04-28-2016, 08:58 PM
it's probably their final word as there won't be any big updates like for Maniaplanet. The whole TM Series was made to play them with keyboard and controller. If you really want to use a wheel try out Project Cars, Dirt Rally, Driveclub etc. These are made for wheel driving but don't expect an arcade racer to have support for wheels by default..