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04-27-2016, 10:41 PM
I am enjoying Dogwoggle's story in the new campaign (it's entertainingly written), but it is insanely easy on "hard", as many of the original campaigns also are. None of the heroes are a challenge at all. In the last scenario, they are suppose to be hunting me down to kill me, but instead they stay in their little areas doing absolutely nothing. Upon capturing their towns I find they haven't built them up at all. How can they get powerful enough to be a challenge if they don't build their towns, increase their troops, expand their land, and go on the offensive (or defensive even--build up your walls or something for heaven's sake)? They end up being steam-rolled all the way to the last man by my hero because I am actually creating and buying advanced troops every week, and they are not. Is it a bug that they did not build anything in their towns after many game months passed, or is that intended? That has to be a bug... it makes no sense for them to do that, especially in the final scenario, which should be the most challenging one.

I have found the single-player non-campaign games to be a bit more challenging than any of the campaign games when the AI is set to heroic. I'm not sure exactly what that does, but I think it might help somehow. I have two suggestions: first is that a description of what happens when AI difficulty is changed is added so I know what it means (now there is zero description anywhere). Second is that whatever that is, it is included as an option in the campaigns as well so the AI can be more challenging there too. Right now, the only way to change difficulty settings in the campaigns is to change the number of resources available at the beginning of the game. This has no effect on the difficulty of combat itself, and little to no effect on the size of the enemy's army, especially if they neglect to build in their towns and expand their empire.

The Dogwoggle campaign can't end due to a bug either: completing all the quests does nothing. That's another matter, though. I hope the fix for that doesn't involve having to start all over again. If it does, hopefully there are AI improvements that make it worth it to play again (e.g., MUCH more challenging the second time around). ETA: magically I was able to complete it upon re-loading the saved game just now, but my point still stands:. no replayability if it's too easy and there are no other motivators like improving stats.

04-28-2016, 04:00 PM
This game should be much more challenging like H5 and H6 were.
Completely agree.