View Full Version : Many CoD Sheep players are traveling on weekends

04-24-2016, 03:36 PM
There are players, especially on weekends, who have never heard of attack and defense that. They know each other on the maps not, do not block their wall reinforcements and camp somewhere in the house. No communication! Or race in defense useless around the area who has met someone, they run straight to the scene, where you will then also shot. But still then still runs a there to be shot. As a flock of sheep, the alpha animal jumps off a cliff, jump the rest of the herd behind! And many leave the match after the first round! It is rare that all 10 players to the end in the match remain.
Last night, I'm in 4 hours, come to play only 4 matches. And 1 match we played 5vs5 until the end and the rest of the time I spent in the lobby and on a Saturday night! The illogical matchmaking system is still crap, which slowly begins to stink ugly.