View Full Version : Just beat Revelations last night - onward to AC 3!

04-22-2016, 10:59 PM
I just finished the Ezio Trilogy last night and must say that I enjoyed ever minute of it. Hard to say which was my favorite. Probably a toss up between Brotherhood and Revelations. AC 2 was amazing as well. I'm looking forward to starting AC 3 (maybe tonight). I've read so much interesting stuff about it. Some folks love it, some don't. I guess I'll find out for myself. Loving every minute of the AC series so far (also beat BF).

04-22-2016, 11:21 PM
Awesome! i loved AC3 a lot its an excellent game, i have played every AC game on PlayStation and i just picked up AC4 on WiiU gonna play it tonight it will be neat to see how the game pad plays into the game play

04-22-2016, 11:37 PM
Awesome progress!

Hope you enjoy AC3 as much as I do :o

04-23-2016, 12:30 AM
I think you'll like AC3....enjoy.

Sigma 1313
04-23-2016, 01:52 AM
Congrats, mate! I personally wasn't a fan of AC3. It's not a bad game, but it's one of my least favorites of the series. I thought the main character was bland and the game held your hand too much, but I've grown to appreciate it more over the years. I thought the modern day was the best of the series though.

04-23-2016, 10:36 PM
Thanks everyone! I'm just SO into the series. I can't believe it took me so long to discover it. Thank you Games with Gold! I'm super excited to get into Unity and Syndicate on Xbox One once I get through 3 and Rogue. I LOVED BF (my first AC game). But, the Ezio series looked fantastic on my 360.

04-25-2016, 08:52 PM
Yay! Congratulations - I personally really liked AC3. I think some people didn't like the shift in tone and setting, its definitely a change to go from sprawling Italy and Constantinople to colonial America - but I hope you like it :o Have fun!

04-26-2016, 11:36 AM
I always liked ACIII myself - and I had my doubts when Ubi first announced it.

04-30-2016, 06:53 AM
Everyone that said I would like AC 3 was spot on! I just got through Sequence 2. I'm loving it so far. Loving the new environments. Boston is very cool. I'm looking forward to getting more into it this weekend.