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04-20-2016, 06:01 PM
Hey. I'm not a huge AC fan, I sometimes enjoy them and sometimes they get repetitive. I've only played AC1, 2, 3, 4 and Unity. I bought AC4 and Unity when they were about $20-$25. Even after the AC:U patch I didn't enjoy the game and to be honest didn't care about Paris. I loved AC2. 3 was meh, 4 was cool, 1 gets a pass because it was new at the time.

* Is the AI still brain dead or have they improved
* Is the combat any good/fun, or still very easy?
* Are you forced to use your gadgets in situations (hopefully yes)
* Are the missions tedious/repetitive, and do the side missions all feel different or just the usual "Follow>Kill" "Kill target, get out".
* Parkour still stiff?.

Summary really; is it a new feeling game, or just a small update with a grappling hook?

Any pros and cons about the game?

Yes I know I'm on a AC forum but try not being bias. If really not in a huge rush. I have about 6 other games I still need to beat....whenever.

04-20-2016, 07:28 PM
The game is more easy than its predecessor and the AI is still very weak:

Whistling is back, we all missed it after they took it out after Rogue but I must admit that it does make the game incredibly easy, changing the patrol path of guards.

You basically have a lot of variety in respect to side missions so they are in no way repetitive:

- Fight clubs
- Street races
- Raids
- Bounty targets
- Templar hunts
- Child liberation memories
- Escort cargo shipments
- Gang Strongholds

The story and characters are easily forgettable although each to his own on this topic.

Parkour is smoother than its predecessor but it may annoy you how the assassin refuses to jump even if the distance between the two buildings doesn't look that big.

I'm not entirely sure what you mean by gadgets :)

All in all the game is extremely fun but nothing special:

Also remember, if you're not aware of it, there will be no game this year so maybe you may want to save for the next one which will be out in 2017 according to rumours.

04-20-2016, 07:46 PM
The game was enjoyable, but was also the most forgettable of the series in my opinion:

-AI response is pretty much the same as the previous games, so a bit brain dead yes

-Combat was really fun at the beginning of the game, but there's a new levelling system which can't be avoided and once you get to level 10, most enemies die in just a hit or two; so towards the end combat got very stale and short

-None of the gadgets feel essential except the rope launcher - you don't have to use it, but it's just too practical not to and saves you a lot of time, a very nice addition for the navigation pillar

-Main missions are nice and varied plus Blackbox missions make a return which is nice. The main side missions involve you liberating London (e.g. freeing children from work factories or taking down a Templar target) that got repetitive for me and is nothing out of the ordinary in terms of AC gameplay. Only fun side missions that stand out are train and boat heists, but again nothing extremely innovative gameplay-wise

-Parkour same as Unity - slightly smoother though I never had a problem with parkour in either games

Summary: In terms of new feeling, don't expect a big of a jump like AC2 to AC3, but not as small as AC2 to Brotherhood/Revelations either. It does feel quite different to Unity; if you like the idea of fast navigation with carriages and trains plus a more coloured and beautiful city than Paris with London though less challenging combat than Unity than go for it, the price for Syndicate has already dropped by a lot and so Iblt's more likely to be worth the buy at this point. As a very general observation, people who didn't like Unity liked Syndicate more and vice versa (I'm in the latter bracket) so you probably will like Syndicate if Unity wasn't your cup of tea.

04-20-2016, 11:27 PM
Thanks. I'm not in a rush to buy games anymore this year. Still have FC4, Fallout, Borderlands collection, Witcher3 to beat. I guess I'll wait until it lowers even more in price since (as you said) there won't be one this year.

04-22-2016, 09:04 PM
Thanks. I'm not in a rush to buy games anymore this year. Still have FC4, Fallout, Borderlands collection, Witcher3 to beat. I guess I'll wait until it lowers even more in price since (as you said) there won't be one this year.

If you bought Unity you HAVE to buy Syndicate!:rolleyes:

After playing Syndicate I found it staggering how much I realised how awful Unity was...

Seriously BUY IT! Its the best AC game IMO since AC3 and Rogue.:cool: