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04-19-2016, 10:59 AM
I have just filled out one of those lengthy feedback questionnaires that pop up from time to time. I always comply in the hope that they get noticed and that someone somewhere at Ubisoft actually gives a s*it and sets about doing something about it.

Below is my latest objective rant. If anyone else feels the same way please comment:

Throughout all of the Assassin's Creed games, and in particular the later ones such as Unity and Syndicate, the bugs and glitches become more prevalent.

The early games played out on PS3 were far more enjoyable in this respect. There seemed to be less problems with motion, i.e. characters "sticking" to features that the player had no intention of going anywhere near. This is a major problem with all Ubisoft AC games and it detracts from the enjoyment.

I also play the Batman Arkham games from Rocksteady. Although these too have their own problems, the free movement of the character is a million times better. The combat and the grapple lining, (compared to the zip-lining in Syndicate), is far superior to the point where one has to question, why has Ubisoft not got this level of programming/developer skill set in house yet after seven major Assassin's Creed titles over several platforms.

When PS4 and Xbox One launched, players flocked out to buy them thinking that games were going to take off big time. The processing speed was going to bring them into a whole new gaming universe.

The reality is that it never happened. In fact the previous generation of PS3 and Xbox 360 was actually better than the next gen in many respects and that programming and development never fully exploited the potential of the so called improvements in the new consoles.

Ubisoft need to get their fingers out and start thinking about what they are selling us.

Another question I want to ask is, why have the loading times/intervals between scenes increased exponentially? You actually even have to consider whether it is quicker by carriage to get across London or by the ridiculously slow Fast Travel option that opens up when you "synchronise" the viewpoints. Surely thye processing power of a PS4 can handle this faster than the time it actually takes!

I love the background stories and history of the games. We all know that it is fiction mixed up with fact. In Syndicate, some of the characters actually existed. Sir John Fowler was the man who engineered the London Underground Railway, he is mentioned in the game and the book by Oliver Bowden. The games actually make me want to learn more, so when I am waiting for the interminable loads to finish I Google the information of some of the characters. I have learned a lot from these games.

I shall continue buying and playing them purely because of that alone. But I do wish that the animation in the games would improve drastically.

04-19-2016, 03:12 PM
Thank you for filling out the survey and for posting your thoughts in a constructive manner. We really do appreciate the time you took to write us about not only about future improvement, but the specific points which you feel should be addressed. As far as the actual animations, unfortunately that is not my wheelhouse and don't have the expertise to address your specific points - but do very much value your thoughts.

I will pass this along to the team, thank you again :)

04-20-2016, 05:06 AM
I can't say anything about the loading times or animations since I haven't played Syndicate yet but it does look like more and more publishers are trying to release games with bugs and glitches then usually patching them after the players submit numerous bug reports. If the majority of the player base wants to discourage any publisher from releasing their games like that, then they need to hold on to their money until the games are fixed after launch or released in a playable+enjoyable state.

04-20-2016, 05:40 PM
Aside from general bugs and glitches, which are clearly more of an issue right now, I think that I'd accept the slightly inconsistent parkour in the newer games. As you said, we have characters now 'sticking' to things like chairs, the animations sometimes suddenly cut or seem a bit jerky, or where sometimes our character doesn't jump on the right ledge etc. But the reason this didn't happen in older games I'd argue, is because the environments and architecture were far simpler.

There weren't sloped roofs (ones that we could climb at least), there weren't chairs and tables to get stuck on, and pre-AC3 there wasn't even such a thing as vaulting. The cities back then were very blocky, where walls and roofs were flat, aside from the occasional balcony. Compare that to Syndicate's London, where the architecture comes in a variety of shapes. You have train stations, bridges, the poor and sparse housing of Lambeth, factories, the poor and dense housing of Whitechapel, palaces and other very unique landmarks, tall 'business' buildings with signs on the side. And on top of that, all of these consist of a variety of components with different shapes and structures. There is hardly as much variety in architecture in the first few games.

And every inch of these things have to be climbable, yet since this is open world, and so you have to design a system that can adapt to leaping a variety of distances, climbing a variety of surfaces, and constantly changing between certain animations like sliding and running and climbing running. And this adaptability is made all the more difficult where now we have much more fluid and scripted animations. Like in Syndicate I often notice that certain jumps don't feel right because they are being sped up or slowed down in a way that makes the physics feel wrong. But as far as I'm concerned, the majority of the animations here feel far more fluid and satisfying than those in the earliest games.

I honestly prefer that now we've got more scripted animations, even if it means they'll occasionally cut or somethings. I actually think that it's only because the rest of the animations are so fluid, that these occasional stutters stand out. Look at a game like SoM, where the quality of animations are terrible, yet they are consistently bad and hence not as off-putting as those in Syndicate. And the old games are similar in this regard.

AC3 I think had it nailed. While yes, the environments in AC3/4/Ro weren't as varied as those in Unity and Syndicate, they were still way ahead of the previous games, and along with that we still had very fluid and satisfying, but most importantly, adaptable animations. Sometimes they'd cut randomly, but that's a trade off you have to make when bringing in more varied environments. Overall, the physics of the parkour was also far more consistent than in the two newer games.

I'm not saying that with more complex and varied architecture you can't have consistent parkour, I mean, it's obvious the current state of it can be improved, just look at AC3. However I don't think Ubi have become worse at programming or anything, it's just a lot harder to design a parkour system now than it was when the environments were far more blocky.

04-22-2016, 09:11 PM
In mine I put forward my argument on MD.:rolleyes:

IMO its gone downhill since ACIII and they need to save it before it dies.