View Full Version : xxFratosxx went 79 kills 22 deaths in Ghost Recon Fture Soldier on 4/16/16

04-17-2016, 03:16 AM
Tried to go for 80 kills. THIS WAS AN OVERTIME GAME FOR 15 MINUTE CONFLICT MATCH. I was shooting someone in the last second to get 80 kills but the game called it victory. I wish I recorded this which now encourage me to record matches more since I took a break from my game capture. A lot of people say I cheat. A lot of people say I lag. But I don't care cause I know I don't do it. I play hard and will carry my team even if they are random. I played against J5ue incredible Brazil team. They wasn't easy. They beat me earlier when I started the game today and I had 40 kills but my random team still took a L! But when I get hot the score will show it which took a 3rd game to show this 79 kill. I came a long way in ghost recon future soldier and I play on doing even better in Wildlands on xbox one. Everyone say Hek7ic was the best. I know he good and I played against him and gave him problems. I respect his game like he did minds. I even admire his recent legacy video post on youtube where he went 78 kills. He said in his video he was playing against good people but the enemy team he played look like a bunch of rookies. Me I went 79 kills on 5 man squad team. We all know brazil connection seem to have an advantage sometime and they are hard to kill. Still I feel like I can be the best but I don't want to because I love challenges. I just wanted to express myself. Wish ubisoft knew about me as my wife xxQueenFratosxx said you should tell ubisoft my amazing stats but this future soldier game almost obsolete. I POSTED A VIDEO OF THE CORE BELOW.