View Full Version : Great game -scary but with knightmare bugs

04-16-2016, 10:11 PM
OK - So I've just finished playing Zombi on the PS4.
First off can I say I loved the game and concept of trying to keep deaths/survivor count low.
Secondly, I used to work as a Games Developer, so I understand the pressure of making games and glitches... but you really need to sort a range of bugs in this.
I'm sending this, not as a bug report, but hopefully to help you fix this for others. Some are game killers and ruin the idea of keeping survivor counts low. For example:
1. Twice I shot zombies at a distance with the crossbow - the game froze (once leaving corsshairs, but turning all solid around them blue).
When it crashed I had to start again - with a new survivor. Killing character/skills/etc. Not happy with this. :-(
2. Just before entering the room with the doc to take his eye. Dropped down into the anteroom, over the chairs/stairs. Had a fight and grenade, which pushed me back into the corner. Was still alive but stuck just outside the map. (Bad collision). ad to restart with new survivor. Killed charcter/skills etc... Most Unhappy. :-(
3. Was escaping the palace - got killed. Started new. Got killed (My bad). Lost original backpack with all main weapons... Not good gameplay imo.
4. The game ended. THEN after credit it had suddenly threw me into escaping to the tower???
5. Got killed just before getting to the roof/helicopter (room underneath heli landing area)- wanted to try again, but game ended and wouldn't let retry.
6--- There were other bugs - but earlier on. In total I think it crashed 6 times and forced me to start again as a new character.

So please, work on these bugs or Ubisofts rep is going to suffer.
On the other side of the coin. Even with these crashes the fact I continued to the end shows what a good game it was.
More please! (bugs more rigorous play testing first!)
Oh yes - the box near the water, outside the tower of London doesn't open. :-/