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04-16-2016, 07:08 PM
Hey guys! Whats up?!

I'm starting my FIRST 1K-PROJECT IN TM Turbo! Here is the teaser for my new 1k-project in Trackmania Turbo! Can you guys help me collect all the replays?ː


It doesn't matter what color car you use, just use the normal carmodel. I don't care how many times you drove my map. If you did it 10 times and you just want to be in the video, its okay! But you are my hero when you drive it 100 or 200 (or 500? :D ) times! I want to ask you one important thing though: Please don't use the "restart to last checkpoint"-button, because you will restart the whole map while your replaytime wonít restart and thatís just messed up when editing..


How to get the track:
- Go to https://players.turbo.trackmania.com/
- Log in with your Uplay
- Go to https://players.turbo.trackmania.com/pc/challenges/15120
- Click add challenge

How to play the track:
- Open TM Turbo
- Click Campaign
- Click Worldwide Challenge
- Click OlegrodYoutube
- Click Train
- Click the map

How to save your replayfile:
- Play match
- Press enter so you will restart
- After "3-2-1-GO", press immediately 'R' on your keyboard
- Save file
- Press 'Del' to restart the map

How to send your files to me:
- Your replayfiles are over here: Documents\TrackmaniaTurbo\Replays\Replays
- Make a .zip or .rar package out of those files
- My email is: olegrod.rocketleague@gmail.com

Thank you very much! Obviously, your name will be in the "Thank you"-list at the end of the video and in the description. If you do NOT want this, pls tell me this when you send me your files.

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