View Full Version : I stopped buying Ubisoft games due Uplay

04-16-2016, 01:38 PM

I hope I don't come off as a troll but I just wanted to make sure this feedback reaches you. Ever since the introduction of uPlay I've been actively boycotted your products. I used to like Assassin's Creed as a game series but I don't like the game enough to install uPlay on my machine and hence I have skipped the purchase on several titles. Unfortunately same happened with Watch Dog and other Ubisoft titles I was interested in, but not enough to tolerate uPlay.

I don't know if I am only one who feels this strongly about the this, whatever it is, program that needs to reside on your computer besides the actual game but I hope this honest feedback gives you something to ponder. There's been several occasions when uPlay have actually stopped me from playing the product I just purchased and once I even lost copy of my game (Farcry 4) all together. I hope you guys find some other solution for your DRM and data collection from your customers in near future.

That's all, thank you.