View Full Version : Missions wonīt start

04-14-2016, 04:19 PM
8 out of 10 times a mission wonīt start.

Special The Lincoln Tunnel have big issuses - often I have to leave the group - and find an new - Just to find out this group also have problems.

But in generel all the Challenge Mode Missions have problems.

Its really hard to farm when they wonīt start - So pls. find a way to fix the problems

04-14-2016, 05:47 PM
i was having this problem last night. with lexington mission as the 1st JTF dude died during the 1st skirmish outside the building.
this is what we did.
everyone logged out and logged in with their 2nd character(make one if u dont have) and then log back in with the main character
changed the difficulty and made match through MAP and not standing infront of the virtual banner.
after finishing the mission we tried to restat the mission and it didnīt work so we went through the ritual again and this time we all came across that virtual banner before restarting the mission.
played it 9 times in a row with 2 random players every time. got some sweet loot!
hope it helps u. if you find another method pls share..