View Full Version : PC ~Pull my plug Doc'~

04-13-2016, 05:22 PM
Since the incursion has hit the live servers there have been NOTHING but glitches, bugs, **** ups. Call them what you will, from the patch day my game has crashed 11 times (Mike error), during incursions my weapon encounters the reload bug where it shows one bullet left in the magazine but I can't seem to shoot or reload until switching weapons and going back to the original. Every time during the last phase of the armored vehicle fight I will be in cover right next to a team member and my game will say that I am outside of the playable area...then it will transfer me to a safe house...... followed by a freeze or crash depending on how the game feels that particular attempt. Take away my accounts "The Division" rights, or ban my account I don't care either way but I want my money back. 3/10 Overall game.