View Full Version : PC PC Falcon lost. Upon destroying the ACP got kicked out of group.

04-13-2016, 12:47 AM
1. What is the issue you're experiencing?
- Upon destroying the "boss" or the tank the game kicked me off the group put me into a loading screen and didnt give me the completition rewards. Aswell the game registered i've "finished" the mission as it came up that "next rewards available in 5 days" what i never got.

2. What were you doing when this issue occurred?
- Me and my 3 friends we're playing on the Falcon lost incursion. Something worth noting was that on the last wave for my friends it said in the chat that i left the group even tough i was still in the group so i didnt really mind what that was about. But i remember this happening after i changed one of my abilities. So as we were on the last wave and about to plant the bomb on the tank i was one of the 2 to disable the turrets. As i disabled one and he planted the bomb i got kicked and put into a safehouse nearby. I managed to get back into the group and put back there but it was too late as the mission rewards we're already given and the drops dropped and i didnt get either of them.

3. Are you able to recreate this issue?
- I dont think im going to be able to recreate this. Neither i wouldn't want to after what happened. Hours of trying and on the first actualy success the game bugs out and dosent give any of the rewards and whats worse is that it registered it as "complete"

4. What have you done in an attempt to correct this issue?
- Well we did it the 2nd time in hope i would get the weekly completition rewards but in vain. Didnt get it and i was quite upset.

I'd like to thank you in advance if you guys can somehow fix this issue. It feels realy frustrating that you work hard on something for hours and finally do it but then you get absolutely nothing from it. Thanks!

- Cincerely Markus Korhonen

04-13-2016, 01:42 AM
I'm in a similar position, but let me answer for massive since they wont. No one cares.