View Full Version : "Normal" 70-120 FPS frame-rate on this PC, game occasionally fails to reach 20FPS ?"

04-10-2016, 04:54 AM
On my stock GTX 660, I usually see good framerates for this highly optimized title of around 70 to 130 FPS during racing (usually 94FPS).
However, sometimes when I launch the game, possibly after resuming from sleep, I get frame-rates in the range 13-19 FPS. (which makes the game totally undrivable).
Even when in this state, it still achieves 150FPS in the splash screens at the start of the game.
Keep in mind this is with identical graphics settings, on the identical/same hardware, just at different times.
Rebooting the system tends to restore the 70-130 FPS of TMT expected.
Inspecting TaskManager, and ResourceMonitor doesn't reveal any errant processes, CPU or memory hogs, everything just looks normal. CPU and GPU temps all normal too.
What could cause this large factor of 10 difference in FPS (13 vs 130)?

I seem to have narrowed this down to occurring after the computer has been to sleep.
Other than rebooting the computer, I have discovered that disabling the NVIDIA graphics adaptor device in device manager, then enabling it again, also fixes the problem.

04-12-2016, 01:14 PM
Thank you for having shared your fix on forums ^_^