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04-09-2016, 07:57 PM
I've played all the AC console games and am a big fan but i find it to be going (has gone) a bizarre direction. Here's my opinion, if you care to read.

I suppose i have a different opinion than most. I considered the present day story to be very important, and the cause and effect between past and present to be the most compelling part of the game. The small sections played as Desmond and the feeling of impending doom while hiding away with a small Assassin team doing their best to not to snap under pressure, was perhaps the most intimate part of the game. Finding the location of hidden things not seen for generations and tracking it down in the present in a changed world was really intriguing.

I preferred the early days when not much was known about POE's and really it was only the apple in the spotlight. Obviously now there is a POE on every street corner. Again, in the early days the Templars were truly secret and membership was reserved for intelligent people with vision. Now every scum bag who runs a small criminal gang is a Templar. Talk about low standards.

Now that the focus is on the player (the Initiates), AC has lost it's theatrical quality and feels quite like a first person shooter. My opinion may differ once again when it comes to gameplay over story. It seems there is a higher demand for different gameplay mechanics than there is for an alluring story, and i see it is a popular opinion that the present day be dropped all together and focus to be put into gameplay mechanics and inventing new ways to murder people. Gameplay is important no doubt, but if the mechanics remained the same as Syndicate and the plot was redeemed i would consider it a success.

Obviously it's not up to me to write the story and my single opinion doesn't matter but here's what i would have done different.

I wouldn't have revived the first civilization, for that is way too sci-fi.
I wouldn't have made the Animus into a household gaming console allowing anyone to view anyone's memories.
I wouldn't make every Templar an emotionless psychopath. It would be far more 'emotionally complex' if we were to actually like, and perhaps often agree with the Templars.
I wouldn't make every Assassin a try hard goody-two-shoes. Props to Edward for being self centered, and Jacob for being a bit of a sarcastic cynic.

I like that they still plant small pieces of information around. It was fun to discover small bits of information in the present day, and let the player figure it out themselves, only to confirm it in later games. It is satisfying when information and plot hints are hidden away in documents and secret messages that create a kind of puzzle, allowing the player to predict what might happen. It is all the more interesting when it is not directly confirmed in the game by in-game characters. Even though they scrapped present day exploration, they still have information in the database.

It would be cool if they link characters and games together more. Desmond, Altair and Ezio were particular interesting seeing as they were related, so when their stories meet up in Revelations it gives the mind tingles. There is almost as much interest in Edward, Haytham and Connor. Not much can be said for Arno (except maybe being linked to Shay in a way) or the Frye twins. Don't get me wrong. i don't dislike them as characters, it's just disappointing that they're kind of standalone installments.

I'm not exactly sure where the game is heading. I know all the way up until ACIII the plan was to prevent Abstergo's satellite/apple plan, and by happenstance uncover a much greater threat. Ubi were really counting on the 2012 conspiracy to create interest i suppose. In a way they set their own date of death for AC.

04-09-2016, 09:29 PM
Agree with most of your points, unfortunately the games post AC3 seem to have lost the concept of consistency (except BF's historical storyline). Each entry throws you into another new MD 'protagonist' and mission objective which are hardly revisited in later games. I mean honestly what was up with BF and Rogue's MD endings? They were left so open-ended and there was no sense of climax anywhere in the narrative. Because they changed the way in which the Animus could be accessed by anyone and as we never got a consistent MD protagonist after Desmond, this also made the visited historical assassins feel less important as they weren't tied to a single ancestry, plus the pace at which their stories are brushed pass really downplays their respective achievements, making it feel like a random member of the public is exploring the memories of an lesser known assassin who is never mentioned after their respective game.

Unity and Rogue's historical storylines were quite good in their own respects (far from perfect though) but honestly felt there should have been some interaction with Arno and Shay particularly given that setup in Rogue's ending - so yes, the historical characters and assassins of each game should be tied more to make them feel less like filler material and to give us more potentially interesting and dramatic moments of conflict/meetings (e.g. it felt so meaningful when Altair, Ezio and Desmond's paths all inter-crossed at the end of Revelations,
a kind of satisfying pay-off for us after following the Ezio trilogy for so long).

04-10-2016, 06:37 AM
I wouldn't have minded so much if the Abstergo employee in Black Flag/Rogue was just a citizen used by the Assassin's, but then it evolved into "Initiates" and that was that. It was a strange difference to be walking around an office in first person but since there was so much extra information about present day affairs hidden around the office i was distracted enough to not care about the means by which i was attaining the information.

Black Flag is one of my favorite games. The fact that Edward had so little to do with Assassin's allows it to be its own standalone game, and the in-game characters were memorable enough for the end to feel tragic.