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04-08-2016, 06:07 PM
Hey mates,
I’ve completely reworked my precedent server by testing more than 200 maps and checking the track list.

Here are all the reasons you have to join my server https://players.turbo.trackmania.com/pc/rooms/12077

-Rank 2 needed (rank 3 in a few days)
-100 slots
-Time attack no stunts 5 minutes
-50 maps
-4 environnements (same numbee of maps
-Each kind of road is represented (beach, wood, road, dirt, sand…)
-15-20 authors (Strollin, mr.dvd, amp.danneboy, members of my team AEFY…)
-Best players worldwide (riolu, danneboy, my whole team, nova team…)
-Not 2 times in a row the same environment or author
-The most hated map is replaced each day by another map fromm my favourites or my crush map with a rating of 3.5/5 and above played at least 200 times.
-The community will ask everything they want to be changed on the server by doing strawpolls.

If you want to add tracks on my server, send me the track link from players.turbo.trackmania.com/pc to this thread in the comments (no links on the server because It is so hard to open them).

If you want it, I'll also do a server for new players with no rank needed!

I hope to see you online on my server :)

04-08-2016, 10:22 PM
Hey! :)

Maybe you will like my valley maps :


04-09-2016, 09:20 PM
Hello, I have couple of maps I wanna share with you and if you like them u can add them to your server :D

Lagoon : #2 (https://players.turbo.trackmania.com/pc/maps/2eLE8AeD7A3Oy_U6w5ANtLFkKs6), #11 (https://players.turbo.trackmania.com/pc/maps/NVSH0kZjkWLSCKBvUFPMlWBAIH), #14 (https://players.turbo.trackmania.com/pc/maps/fCT_J3TrXOarCsaKS1Xn242QYx6)
Canyon : #10 (https://players.turbo.trackmania.com/pc/maps/lz8oquz6dkGUwj5N1Vig0hZsLEm)
Valley : #3 (https://players.turbo.trackmania.com/pc/maps/muFRyeNlS7TvZKkuvo_H1CvkbKl)
Stadium : #9 (https://players.turbo.trackmania.com/pc/maps/KNQQqgYOYif5cVH13ja_x3eDuIb), #13 (https://players.turbo.trackmania.com/pc/maps/6Sdxg68sRQBqIzfvZuUOTNurMs8), #1 (https://players.turbo.trackmania.com/pc/maps/HzM37oaDTAQhZ9A48MH_aRhSm2a)
Stadium car on Valley : #4 (https://players.turbo.trackmania.com/pc/maps/UB7p7eudWzWf57knPbVgahYqg2a)
Stadium car on Lagoon : #1 (https://players.turbo.trackmania.com/pc/maps/Jc9GhfTHWA82p842dBDwuRwRt98)
Stadium car on Canyon : #0 (https://players.turbo.trackmania.com/pc/maps/5AcnY0TX09Nvc8mVYz37Jandun6)

Cheers ! :D