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04-07-2016, 05:39 PM
Hey guys

I'm experiencing some troubles on the official site of For Honor. There seems to be two websites... One is updated but has no "backstage program" and the other has a "backstage program" but isn't updated... The strange thing is that the webadresses are identical but the content is clearly different...

Also, when I'm on the updated one and I try to register for updates, it sends me back to the other site.

I know this sounds very strange, it is very strange, but I can't understand what is happening..; Can somebody help me?

05-19-2016, 10:49 AM
got some simulare isseus, dont know why, when i'm on the site i cant se any newer content then 2015 dec, it seems to be the same info as it was around the alpha, i tryed to conntact the ubisoft support whit this but i dident get any responde, i dont know if it have to do whit that i changed the name on my ubisoft account or not, but afther that i dont think i have seen any updates, i can get in to the forums thoge. but i dosnet finde any new content. thoget that it might have been an bug at start just let it be, but i have still the same isseus