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04-05-2016, 08:59 PM
Hello again, riders!

Thursday means one thing, and one thing only.


Now you might have seen this curator posting his REC challenges around the OTHG Clubhouse.

Or maybe you have had a listen to Rude's Cool 60's Sounds and Stuff.

However you know him, he is Rude, and he is here for the feed.

Welcome Rudemod 69 and let's unpack this bundle of Community Recommended goodness.


Nature's Triumph by Classyfication (Hard)

-A frantic flow through a ruined cityscape.The snow setting adding a touch of depth and mood to the track.

Witching Hour by AM0RPHOUS (Hard)

-Stunning speedrunner, with a knockout theme.I swear I heard a wolf howl at the moon.

[VEGAS] Brentwood Flow by VEGASTRASH (Hard)

-An enjoyable flowing track from the Trashman.The setting and drive line recieve the thumbs up from Rude.

Ivory Sea by Obese_Spectator (Hard)

-I love the technical aspect of Trials, and this track is a good example. The yellow highlights giving the track it's own flavour and feel.

397 Ghastly by RaketeAal397 (Hard)

-Stunningly detailed, atmosphere in abundance and real fun to run. Rakete is a major force in the building community.

Bellyflop by Pinglew (Hard)

-A rewarding technical speedrunner.A nice offering from Pinglew.

Moonnlight Trail by Cted (Hard)

-A nice flowing build, with the moon and well placed lamps giving the track subtle but effective lighting.

Hp ToshiploW!!!!!!!!!!! by HP Dante (Hard)

-A nice flowing and technical track. The purple tint gives the track stunning texture, highlighting the rocky background.

Disorder by NovaDarkStorm (Hard)

-Nova pulls off a nice track here, the pool table a particular highlight. A nice technical build to romp through, with strong custom touches throughout.Also includes Challenges, which is a nice touch as always.

xKx ~Nature's Wrath~ by x KAiLiMAN x (Hard)

-A visual delight, quality animation and a complete joy to run. KAi is a prolific builder, and can produce some stunning work.

Hope everyone enjoys the selection. Ride hard, guys. :)

And there it is, riders. Another excellent set of picks for you.

Get out there and get on those leaderboards!

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04-07-2016, 02:35 PM
Top notch picks Rudemod and you described each track perfectly. Thanks for picking and the incredible amount of activities you do with Trials and the oldies from OTHG.

Rudemod 69
04-07-2016, 06:48 PM
Thankyou, Mower. :) *Blushes..

04-08-2016, 08:28 AM
You da man Rude.. :)