View Full Version : 2560x1440 graphics issue

04-04-2016, 11:44 AM

I just got a new PC and I've been attempting to play the divsion but on my monitors native res it would appear things aren't centered.


Anyone know how to fix this?

Figured it out. For some reason the game was set on dual monitor mode.


04-04-2016, 12:53 PM
Hi mate, I am on 1440p too and I have also encountered some problems with resolution. I have a G-SYNC 144hz monitor though, dunno if the same applies to you.
Hereīs what helped me:
- changing the video and graphic settings within NVIDIA Experience - this has scaled the screen properly, since the game always switched to 1080p windowed mode even after I changed the resolution & mode to fullscreen. It simply switched back to 1080p and windowed after every launch. When I launched the game in 1440p windowed mode (game just switched itself to windowed mode automatically), after alt-entering the loading screen the resolution switched back to 1080p and I had to restart the game again. Just silly ;).
- try changing the video settings to 1440p and confirm. If it doesnīt change, switch to fullscreen first and THEN change the resolution to 1440p and confirm. Relaunch the game to see the effect. If itīs back to windowed 1080p, try again ;). Eventually this is how I managed to keep the 1440p resolution. Weīll see if it stays that way :D.

Since Iīve acknowledged that the NVIDIA Experience messes with the framerate and possibly is responsible for game crashes and FPS drops (I am running the SLi setup), Iīve uninstalled it and tried to set up the video & graphic settings within the game environment. At first this had proven to be a lost cause, because the game either didnīt recognize my preferred settings but after some trial and error phases and couple of restarts Iīve successfully managed to stay in 1440p fullscreen mode.

Lastly, I am seriously disappointed with this game and its buggy and defective graphic engine. The Division needs some serious patches and tuning, unless they want to drive all the PC gamers crazy.