View Full Version : Uplay app praise first one in my life

04-02-2016, 01:02 PM
I didnít' know where to do it but I thinks dev's & company will hear it here.
For the first time I'm giving Uplay (application) high praise and compliment.

Uplay is the first application of which i know of that allow choosing language option before install and adding additional languages. (Anno 2205)

You beat STEAM because there you can only choose one language installed at a time and on every change you have to redownload it (vide XCOM2)
but also
you've massacred ORIGIN where language is locked to your contry, without option to change it, without changing application ui language or other crack. (vide Dragon Age:Inquisition)

For others users it may be silly thing but those who suffer from local language lock (poorly translated mostly) it's a big relief.

Keep up UBI & Uplay team.