View Full Version : PC Lighting issues-missing light sources and game appears washed out/too bright

04-01-2016, 08:38 PM
Location in game: Camp hudson (or anywhere)

Version of GPU drivers before updating: N/A. Issues persistent with current and previous versions

Number of GPUS: 1

GPU model: GTX 980

Image/video of graphical issue: http://i.imgur.com/yZ6Y9gH.jpg

additional image of friend's screenshot who was standing right next to me (and how it SHOULD look): http://i.imgur.com/ZgAK9h7.jpg

System Specs:
Processor Intel® Core™ i7 5930K Processor (6x 3.50GHz/15MB L3 Cache) - Intel Core™ i7 5930K

Motherboard ASRock Fatal1ty X99X Killer -- 3x PCIe x16, 6x USB 3.0, 3x SB 2.0

Memory 8 GB [4 GB x2] DDR4-2800 Memory Module - G.SKILL Ripjaws 4

Video Card NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 - 4GB - Single Card

Power Supply 1000 Watt - AZZA Titan 1000W - 80 PLUS Bronze

Processor Cooling Asetek 510LC Liquid CPU Cooling System [SOCKET-2011] - Standard 120mm Fan

Primary Hard Drive 256 GB ADATA SP610 SSD -- Read: 560MB/s ; Write: 290MB/s - Single Drive

Data Hard Drive 1 TB HARD DRIVE -- 32M Cache, 7200 RPM, 6.0Gb/s - Single Drive

Operating System Windows 10

04-01-2016, 08:49 PM
I'm sure completely unrelated ( this doesn't make light disappear :D ) , but I'll leave it here:

If you are using DVI cable ignore the next line:
-Are you using an HDMI cable to the monitor ? if you are , go to nvidia settings-> change resolution -> Output dinamic range -> Set to full RGB .

That isn't the problem for sure since you have missing a lot in that scene ( and not just a colour issue ).

The only think I can see is to clear your settings and try to let the game re-make them, but that would require you to setup everything again , so I would recommend you try to this after everything else.

The division settings are located here : %USERPROFILE%\Documents\My Games\Tom Clancy's The Division\
Renaming that folder or saving it and deleting ( better safe than sorry ) will make the game redo all the configuration files.

That issue is indeed strange , with your specs I assume nothing is running @ medium/low , a lot of spot shadows are missing , lights ...

Lets hope someone arrives with a decent fix ( and now a "delete all settings derp ! " fix ) :/