View Full Version : Boss trophy achieved, game meta killed. Thanks for that!

03-31-2016, 09:58 PM
Well,last Tuesday the first Boss Trophy was achieved! And at this point i have to say thanks to a lot of people. because EVERYONE helped here. Otherwise this wasnīt possible.
I didnīt even think that this was possible. But Warpainter came up with that idea and Crystal Ark (thank you there) pushed me that they just should try it. And after weeks of their afford more people joined to help out here :) YouNeverkillme,XaerotheHero,Rmz,Vitez,Warpainter,C rystal...just a few players that could have ruined that whole thing with just 1 attack but, even if we are clashing clans everyone was pretty exited about achieving something together. and thats what we did. SO: thanks Crystal_Ark,Warpainter,Xaerothehero,Rmz,Youneverki llme,Vitez,Tabq,Harrogath,Uboras, Miakoenig,Frozenbananacake,Delpiero and everyone else who helped and didnīt attack. This is proof again the community is still exited to do events and stuff! =)



03-31-2016, 11:21 PM
Our small community is still a pretty awesome community. Congratz to all involved who co-operated and contributed to make this happen. And to our overlord Skraal - congratulations! It's been a long time coming for you but you have earned this trophy with years of being no.1 player, years of being a friendly guy in chat and years of supporting the game via forum posts, competition participation, new player assistance, keeping high crowns competitive/interesting. You're awesome and this trophy belongs in your Stronghold of Strength!