View Full Version : What Happen to the Forum?

03-31-2016, 12:29 PM
What happen here we had a lot of great INFO for 1404 in Sticky's? We all have to start over. I was a Veteran with 2566 post now I'm a Jr Member. :confused:


04-06-2016, 02:21 PM
I have to say this forum will never change for the English side. We had a lot of good stuff here and that is all gone. Even on the 2070 English forum everything is gone. Again a lot of good stuff. Plus I have been doing some checking and it seams that it is across the board. All they did was make a new forum and did bother to transfer stuff over.

You know some of us put a lot time and work into the old forums. The new people running the show to delete all of this that is a shame. You know the funny part is I can still go to the old sunflowers forum. I can bring up my old 1404 profile and look at most of the threads & post. So if I can do that why can they do it bring all of our profiles over you did with other people. Plus the other thing is all my PM messages are still there but not old profile.


09-13-2016, 03:58 AM
I have to say that I do like the change all so.