View Full Version : Takkar's voice morphs into...Jason Brody?? 😖

03-31-2016, 06:14 AM
Adam Jensen, the voice of Takkar, is awesome. He was perfectly cast; his voice is masculine, adult, strong, commanding, attractive. As a woman, I wish he had more dialogue. 😉 However, whenever the character makes grunts or groans or ouchy noises in contextual situations, you can clearly tell that it is NOT Adam Jensen's voice, that they used a previous recording of either the actor who played Jason Brody or the actor who played Ajay Ghale (they sound fairly similar) and just subbed it in. What, did they forget to ask Adam to record some grunts and groans? Did they not want to spend the extra time or money? After all the effort that went into developing three seperate prehistoric proto-european languages, they did this?? It doesn't track. Did they think we wouldn't notice?

In case YOU didn't notice, Ubisoft, Adam Jensen has a lovely deep gravely voice, while the Jason Brody voice you used for the rest is quite distinctly a young tenor with no gravel. So whenever Takkar jumps or climbs or gets burned, he suddenly turns into a girly-man? No offense, Jason, tenors can be great, but deeper voices are produced by higher testosterone, which is why men have lower voices than women. Higher testosterone equals more secondary sex characteristics that signal to the opposite sex, eg. are generally more attractive to many women, and get more respect from other men.

Every time this other voice pops in, it totally breaks my immersion, and this happens a LOT. We are climbing and jumping and such throughout the whole game basically, and we are thus constantly being reminded that Ubisoft...what, didn't care enough to see it through? Dropped the ball in a big way? Or worse, thinks we are all too stupid to motice that our hero is a mature, gravely bass one minute and a young, brassy tenor the next? WTF?? Besides, I did not really like Jason Brody to begin with. He was immature, annoying, rude, and shallow to say the least, and to have to associate him with the strong hero Takkar is like pouring toilet water into a glass of fine wine.

I love Far Cry Primal. However, honestly, this is my biggest issue with this game. I want to be swept away by my games. I live with chronic pain and need that immersion to get me out of my body, but we all have things in our lives we want or need a break from that escaping into a video game provides vital therapy for. This immersion is priceless to me. Nothing else equals the relief I get from a good immersive video game. This one is so great in so many ways, but this one thing just spoils the works.

Listen for it. Once you hear it, you cannot un-hear it, especially if you have played Far Cry 3 and you know the Jason Brody voice. I happened to be playing the two games simultaneously, so the Brody-sound-alike voice in FC Primal lept out at me like a sabertooth tiger and smacked me in the face. Please, call Adam back and have him quickly do some grunts and groans for you. It shoud take you no time at all in the studio. It is well worth the effort. This is a ridiculous oversight and one that I cannot believe was made at Ubisoft's level of supposed professionalism. Come on guys, you can do better. You made a mistake. Please just make it right.