View Full Version : Creature Balancing Update in Future??

03-31-2016, 12:09 AM
Hey all, I just wanted to touch base on what I personally feel is Core creatures greatly overpower the Elite creatures in game. I find in big battles that someone with 1000 (Gnolls, Legionarres, Skeletons etc.) plus all the other core creatures greatly overpower somebody that has say 100 (Liches, Swordswomen, Genies)

I dunno I also think Elite creatures need to be bumped upto 2 growth, 1 is just simply not enough, im aware these are meant to be unique and rare unit but like 6 Skeletons kill my 8-10 Angels in no trouble.

Figures are bit rough but does anyone see what im pointing at?? Core creature numbers are either too high weekly growth or Elite need to increase dwelling numbers maybe to balance this issue. Stats of units are probably ok its more just a numbers game I feel. Maybe increase elite creature growth.

Example Vampire; have its base weekly growth set at +3 per week (Instead of 2) Then when building the increased growth building then you get the normal +2 Growth. That gives you 5 vampires a week based on normal weekly growth of the city. Then with Liches you could go +2 on growth and Lamasau +3 (As they are sooooo weak lol)


04-13-2016, 08:33 PM
Agreed with the above.

I'd also add that ranged creatures vastly overpower the melee ones (especially in those long combat maps).

If not straight up rebalancing them, add in more factors that put them in a bit more unfavorable position (like adding randomly chosen weather/terrain effects - eg. "sunny" for default with no effect, fog, rain, darkness/nighttime etc. to affect "visibility" and reduce ranged damage -- and if going further with that, why not have those effects affect combat and creatures in more ways too, if there's time and money, but the ranged combat is the main point - to the battle maps that reduces the potential of ranged units).

It's really among my pet peeves how melee units quickly turn into "cleaner" units swiping the floor with the leftovers after a few turns bombardment. It gets repetitive and boring and there's not much tactics to it as a no brainer choice of going through combat.