View Full Version : How Will Tom Clancy's The Division Affect Other Ubisoft Franchises?

03-29-2016, 08:15 PM
Dear Division Agents,

Now that Tom Clancy's The Division has been unleashed into the world, Ubisoft has made it publicly known that The Division has been a huge success. Now, what will they do next? How will their success with The Division affect other franchises like Assassin's Creed, Watch Dogs, or Far Cry? Personally, I'm sure we are going to be seeing a bunch of The Division's game model leak into their other franchises. Let's me know what you guys think down in the comments, and if you are more of a video person, watch this video I made on the subject at hand :]


03-30-2016, 01:20 PM
I, for one cancelled my Wildlands preorder.