View Full Version : Trackbuilder bug w/ X1 controller

03-29-2016, 02:52 PM
Hey Nadeo,

I've been playing TM2 and TMT since its release with a X360 controller but the wire is no more functional so i moved to a XboxOne wireless controller last Saturday. Everything worked well after updating my xinput driver after a bad issue (keyboard unavailable in game and can't go back to desk because of mouse freezes).
But Yesterday i noticed a bug on trackbuilder with that controller:
when using normal mode, I can't choose the terrain with LB/RB because then the cursor start switching from left to right without stopping. It happens each time I have to use LB/RB for choosing a block so i have to do it with my mouse.
The only solution to it was to press start, click on "automatic finish line", place it on the map, validate the track and come back to the track editor. Pretty annoying isn't it?

I hope all bad issues people had will be solved soon. I have been waiting a lot for this game which was finally released 4 months later with lots of issues and missing stuff.

Hope to hear from you soon,

Bobby Lennon

Don't make us lose confidence in you!