View Full Version : Unable to earn Club Action for 10 gold medals due to open beta progress

03-29-2016, 08:59 AM
I was worried that having played the betas might mess up progression for earning Playstation trophies, but that seems to be okay so far. But just now I loaded into Ubisoft Club from the main menu and noticed I have not been awarded the XP points for 10 gold medals, but I have for 20, 50, etc, and I'm already into the Red level tracks in the game. I can only imagine I got my first ten gold medals during the beta and that is causing the problem. I don't really care about 240xp points, but then I won't be able to earn the badge for completing all of the club actions.

If I back up my save, can I start with a fresh file and earn my first ten golds again? Or is game progress saved on the server side and can't be reset for a specific PSN account?

Also I am experiencing the same thing as others have posted about, the ranking website is nowhere near being correct compared to the ranking the game itself gives me.