View Full Version : Looking at the future of Far Cry.

03-28-2016, 08:02 PM
All right now we all know that Far Cry Primal—and the whole Far Cry Franchise by extension—has been receiving some mixed reviews. The leap from modern warfare to ancient history was a bold move by Ubisoft, and on a personal note: I loved it.
But unfortunately, survival games operating under the same Far Cry 3-4 engine is problematic, namely because it detracts from the survivalist aspect and had just simply become repetitive.
With that said, I do not want a whole new far cry paradigm shift, engine change, or deeper stories and characters, the games are fun and Far Cry 4 was a masterpiece.
However, looking at the franchise I see only one direction for Ubisoft to undertake if they should continue making Far Cry games: Far Cry 5, the last Far Cry.

Here's my pitch: setting will have to be somewhere in the future, not too far, but far enough for Ajay Gale and Jason Brody's stories to intertwine by way of Willis.
Weapons will obviously be advanced, but we're not talking laser beams, somewhere around jet packs, high-end modern weapons and high speed ninja dashing capabilities aided by battle suits. Retaining the infamous bow and arrow, of course.
Integration of air vehicles, and reviving co-op mode, allowing players to work together both from the air and on the ground similar to the buzzard helicopter, but more advanced and weaponized. Adding melee weapons similar to FC Primal's, no clubs obviously. Basically expanding the weapons arsenal and giving the talent trees potential to specialize in melee and/or ranged.

Main characters will be fighting rebels or insurgents, end up fighting government they worked for, Willis Jason, and Ajay as well.
These are just preliminary ideas and I know I'm shooting in the dark here, but I think an awesome franchise should have an awesome finish.