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03-26-2016, 02:27 AM
Hey, does anybody here know if there will be a different, more "oldschool" version of the trackbuilder?

I tried to get into the new ones, but none gives me the possibilities I had in the TMē version.
The current ones just seem not intuitive in any way and some aspects of the design are questionable...
Why give us a hard time making tracks, if it could be so easy with what we already had?

I would love if there was, apart from the "random | beginner | normal | advanced" options,
a mode called "oldschool" or "veteran" that gives us the Trackbuilder that has accompanied us all the way
from the original Trackmania (which is not working for anything above win Vista... Just like sunrise.
Seriously, I have these gems sitting next to me right now and both won't work because of that license thingy).

Actually, wouldn't it be rather simple to implement? You can basically copy most of the code
and wouldn't even have to import it into the game download. You could make it as a dowloadable mod
and put it on a site where more things like this could go(such as custom interfaces
[personally, I find it hard to like the new one], custom binds for controllers
[why the hell is there no way to change controller binds anyways?!] or custom songs).

Thank you for reading through my concerns and suggestions, I hope you can, at least a little bit,
understand what I am talking about and why I do so.
Have a great day!

[EDIT] Oh god, I just realized I posted this in the wrong section... I am very sorry, could someone please move the thread? I didn't even see there were multiple sections.
Sorry :(

03-26-2016, 06:13 AM
To switch to the old Trackbuilder, go with your mouse up to the top of the screen. Hit the gear icon and click on "classic Trackbuilder".