View Full Version : The Division - Messing Around on Random Missions

03-25-2016, 01:25 PM
Hey everyone, firstly I would like to apologize since this is a self-promotion post.

I've just started my first YouTube channel and posted a gameplay video of The Division just doing some random encounters and side missions. No commentary at all.
I genuinely love this game (worldbuilding is on point here) and would just like to share some footage with the community.

Here is the video:


If you have any gameplay or video-related tips, tricks or criticisms please do tell me since it helps me a great deal. Also, quality is not top-notch at the moment but the next video (which is going to be uploaded at some point today) will have a higher bit-rate to help with quality.

Thank you very much and again sorry if this is the wrong place to post. All the best to the community!