View Full Version : Gamepad not working

03-24-2016, 05:25 PM
My gamepad (a Thrustmaster GPX) is nort working in TM:T.

System: Windows-7

I have checked the settings (gears menu topright) and there are 6 controllers detected. The first five are CH products devices and the 6. is the GPX gamepad. But no button or axis is working ingame. The first CH device seems to work, but this isn't a gamepad. I do not see any option to choose the device.

If only the first device is supported, then this is clearly a bug.

Any ideas or help?

PS: It IS a bug. Removing all other devices will fix this issue until next reboot. It works with a gamepad as first device but not with other IDs (at least not with ID 6).

So the controller part of TM:T is broken at the moment. Completely unplayable for me.