View Full Version : PC Recalibration rolling a stat not chosen by player.

03-22-2016, 08:11 PM
I keep losing both Phoenix Credits and Normal Credits on PC when trying to recalibrate an item. In a game where now (especially after the patch) Phoenix Credits require a strong amount of gameplay to acquire, this is unacceptable and stunts gear progression.

When I choose a stat to re-roll, it gives me a pool of possible new stats to replace it with. I choose stat 'X' as the new stat to replace the old one, and the game asks me "Are you sure you want to replace stat 'X' with stat 'Y'?" When I click "Yes", then the game puts stat 'Z' onto my item; a stat that was in the pool, but clearly not chosen to replace the roll. Here is a video clip of the first time it happened to me (Superior Iten), but has happened numerous times when rolling High-End items as well, and burns through my hard-earned currency giving me a result I didn't choose. From what I can gather and by looking at the footage again, it seems to be a Mouse Over (MO) issue during the menu animation.


1. The game is re-rolling a stat I DID NOT choose onto my item when using the recalibration mechanic.
2. I am using the recalibration mechanic at the Operating Base (Post Office).
3. Yes, when I MO a different stat EVEN AFTER CONFIRMING A NEW STAT the game defaults to the MO stat during the menu animation.
4. If I keep my mouse off of the menu entirely, or positioned on the stat I want EVEN AFTER CONFIRMING while holding space bar to craft, it works as intended.

03-22-2016, 10:14 PM
This is very much messing with me.
My first roll on Recalibrating gave me what I wanted. But since this bug occured, I have rolled 4 additional times and not have the stat I want (Gear Slot) even appear. it has costed me 49 + 79 + 129 + 209 Phoenix Credits and I'm almost convinced due to this bug that I can't reroll the Gear Slot I want.

I really hope someone is looking into this because I've burned way too many PxC on this.