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03-22-2016, 07:29 AM
Hello Shadow Counsil! My proposal is that you have greate opportunity to include even more creatures in the game. MMH7 allowes us to choose between two of legendary creatures of each faction. Also we counselors voted witch creation we want to see in the game in Elves and Dark Elves factions. For example I want to see Pheonix in Elvian faction as it were in HoMM 2 and 4. With opportunity to choose some of creatures you can do greate DLC and include them all! More than that some alternative creatures like griffins instead wolfes are already in the game! Some models can be extracted from MMH6 like our favorite ghouls. Than one player who likes spiders will still be able to build them and another who likes gghouls will get opportunity to build them too. And everyone will be happy! Also this opens opportunity to include renegade necromants who abbaddoned ways of Asha and went ways of heroes 3 like Sandro in futures campain.Thank you developers if you've read this! Also we are wating for Sanctuary, Inferno and Dwarfes. Let's do prefect and complete heroes game this time and not wate for another!
What do you think about it?

06-25-2016, 02:45 PM
It's a good idea. I had the same idea, with a duchy system on the french forum, but I'm afraid my English is too bad.

06-25-2016, 07:15 PM
Alternate units, much like Heroes 4 had you choose your tier 2, 3, and 4 is something my friends who play Heroes have discussed a bunch of times lol. Having the choice of a Champion Unit for this game was one of their better ideas (although certain factions have a better choice). Having another choice for a Core and Elite, and picking which three units you want to use would be a very fun option. When hotseating Heroes 7 we even brainstormed on possible ideas.

They already gave us some great ideas with the Sylvan and Dungeon choices during the voting process. For example with Sylvan we could add Root Snakes (a fast core unit that roots targets in place) as a Core, while Emerald Knights (melee strike and return) would be the Elite. These new units would not replace a specific unit; rather you would pick and choose which three you want to use. Want to focus on melee Cores? Choose as the lineup Dryads, Sprites, and Root Snakes. Want an aggressive damage-crowd control lineup choose Hunters, Sprites, and Root Snakes. Want a defensive hard-to-kill lineup then choose Hunters, Dryads, and Root Snakes. Having the choice of Phoenixes instead of Green Dragons would not be a bad thing either, since unfortunately Green Dragons do not feel as useful as Treants. That said, with such choices like these in play it might make the Green Dragons more viable if someone wanted a more melee/less archer approach.

Each choice would preferably include a racial unit and creature unit to balance the diversity, and if the developers chose to continue reusing existing models there are ways to make this work too. Thoughts for Haven would be Velites (medium ranged damage dealer that lowers target's defense, allowing others to pound away for additional damage) as a Core with the staple Griffon (of course) for Elite. This not only brings back the Griffon to Haven players who really want to use them, but also allows them to save some costs (reusing models) while still giving us new units and potential play with each faction. For this sort of tactical flexibility within each faction I would not care as much if I saw another Heroes 6 model, so long as each faction got at least one new model.

Thoughts on how some of the other factions could get a similar treatment.

Core - Ghoul - one of the more interesting/savage units from 6. Also reusing models from 6, but giving us greater choices. Saved money goes towards...
Elite - Night Lady - one of the alternate concept choices for the Vampire redo that barely lost the vote to what we currently have. Still, a very fun possible idea to play with. Perhaps these are fallen Justicars from poorly thought out Wolf Duchy campaigns against the Necromancers? Perhaps give them reduced efficiency lifedrain and Opportune Attack (Guardian/Justicar skill).

Core - Skirmisher/Darkblade (melee strike and return) - the strike and return unit has always been a part of Dungeon in the best Heroes games. Needs to be again!
Elite - Manticore/Scorpicore (Flyer with Paralyzing Sting) - Reused model from 6. The idea of a paralyzing sting would help balance out the severe nerf done to Medusa mezzing.
-Another possible tweak with Dungeon would be to switch the Medusas and Evil Eye units. The Evil Eyes would be the Elite shooter, largely filling the same role as the Medusas, while the Medusas would be moved to Ranged Warfare unit. Reason for this change might be more personal, but I feel that the Medusas are stepping on the toes of a possible addition of Sanctuary faction. By moving them to the Warfare Unit the developers don't have to worry about too-similar-looking battlefield units, and won't have that concern hanging over their heads when/if they seek to bring that faction back for Heroes 7.

Another possible idea, although difficult to implement in Heroes 7 at this point, is that of the Duchy system already mentioned. Specifically when a player starts a game he/she picks the faction, then the sub-faction. For example ;each Duchy of the Empire has its own theme, which means you'd have a core roster with a Core and an Elite changed depending on the House. Heroes 7's lineup is very much the Wolf Duchy, but with the Stag Duchy you could add the Sun Deer, Bull Duchy the Gorgon (Heroes 3 baby!), Griffon Duchy (obvious), Unicorn Duchy (also obvious), Greyhound Duchy (,..okay, this one might take some brainstorming). Swap a few units in and out, and while it would be a lot of work it would also be a very cool idea. Each faction has built into its lore many subdivisions, and by making these divisions a part of the game (rather than background) it would give both more options and replay value.

Oh how the flow of ideas creates a wall of text. I don't apologize for it though; the Heroes of Might and Magic franchise has always been one of my favorites. I wouldn't have typed all this out had I not cared :)

06-26-2016, 05:47 PM
this is the idea! you are right Vacrovic!

more duchies creatures = more good experiences in gameplay and more duchies stories!

Map for haven duchies :


haven coat of arms :








proposals for the new duchies :

_A map power for any duchies

_A passive bonus per duchy (attack, défense, movement (in fight or in map), recongnition, ...)

_Several choices of locks and creatures that determines the choice of Duchy. A unique choice of Duchy.

_the Duchy coat of arms depicted on the hero (cap, armor, ...)

_Heroes affiliated with the duchies that is unlocked in tavrene (example : Ivan Griffin)

_New buildings

06-26-2016, 05:57 PM
You know these things have been discussed before, but that was when H7 was beeing developed and was in the SC aka official H7 site. But these got lost in the comments because of spam. But this whole topic has been ignored by Ubilols and i don't think they will touch this either. Especially not since they already have trouble with creating a good game and keeping it working properly. I really think they have thier hands full with other stuff and don't have time to add more stuff.

Other then that i will support this, mainly because it adds more to the game and add replayability. There is still a chance that this might get added into the expac since they haven't told us everything. And i think this will be a missed opportunity from them since a lot of ppl have asked about this if they don't add this.

06-26-2016, 07:38 PM
It is hoped that extensions will add this mechanism ... it's still a suggestion.

Just for inspiration:

A hero of the falcon or Griffin :


some proposals duchies

Sylvan :

_elf seas (in HMM7)

_The Duchy of centaur:


_The Duchy of phoenix :




_The land duchy (maleficient inspiration) : snake wood; hent rider; ...



D o n g e o n

_jellyfish : it would be enough to replace the scepter of jellyfish with a bow and edit details (ornament, tattoo, body language, colors, ...). The archer will replace the troglodyte. a small return to Homm3 ;)


The naga could also return in cold appearances (adding arms, animation, color, ornament, hero, ...):


_the manticore :



_Panther (in HMM7)


_Withe lion :


_Thief :



Griffin (in HMM7)

_Deer (Knight with a helmet symbolizing a deer)


_the Inquisition (fanatic warrior priest) :


Strongold :

_Goblin Wolf Rider (H3 reference)




_Troll :

Gnasher frenetic (the weekly event will be deleted :))



_Dread Knight



_Boar rider :


_artilleryman :


_aries rider :


_Salamander :



06-26-2016, 09:30 PM
Definitely something I'd like to see in a expansion. Prefer this system over Heroes 5: Tribes of the East's alternate upgrades, since usually a lot of upgrade choices were either obviously better or significantly worse. There were a some that offered an interesting choice to make regarding how your lineup worked though, and that actually added a 'build' to each faction. If two Haven players are fighting it out they will share many units, but there will be differences on each of their rosters based on preference. The differences open up some excellent in-faction variety, one of the better ideas from Heroes 4. Such a system may also win back some of the Heroes fans who got turned off because their voting choice 'lost' the votes. I have a few friends who didn't even bother to give this game a shot because "I played this Dungeon roster in Heroes 3" and "Aside from Champion choices Sylvan/Academy is the same as Heroes 5". Simplified and arguably superficial (I argued lol) points, but unless you play the game no less valid.

I didn't buy Hammers of Fate for Heroes 5, but I did buy Tribes of the East because it went beyond simply adding a new faction. Adding a new faction was great and all, but giving new life to the other factions was more important. Bug fixes are needed, of course, but customization goes a long way towards helping players have fun regardless. Hell, look at any Bethesda game. Plenty of bugs in those too, but the games are so massive and customizable that many of these bugs are taken with amusement rather than rage.

06-27-2016, 01:54 AM
I'm half agree with you:

_yes factions improvements are important
_But to me, it would at least 8 factions for players 8 cards (I proposed on French forum conflux faction that would be very easy to set up)

06-27-2016, 11:06 PM
Why stop at 8 Factions? Heroes 3 had 9 official ones with the Confux, so why can't Heroes 7? We still have Inferno and Sanctuary to go, although if I had to choose I would be torn. Normally I would lean Inferno for it's consistent presence in the Heroes games, but Sanctuary in Heroes 6 was one of the most interesting of its features while Inferno was one of the weakest. Not saying Inferno was weak, I just felt like it had less personality than Heroes 3 and 5. Sanctuary's oriental theme was a nice change of pace, especially since an oriental-themed town has been largely missing since Heroes 3's Rampart.

Perhaps they might add both in a future expansion? Much like why they had the voters choose between Fortress (Dwarves) and Sylvan (Wood Elves) first because those two factions would both require entirely new models all throughout (there was nothing they could cannibalize from Heroes 6). The second vote between Inferno and Dungeon both required less work, since there were already art assets they could use from Heroes 6 for both factions.

Now we're getting the Fortress, which uses completely new models. Perhaps we might be lucky and get both Inferno and Sanctuary next, since they could reuse assets in much the same way? Not entirely a fan of doing this, but if I can get Ceberi and Succubi, as well as Wanizami and (perhaps my favorite tank ever in a Heroes game) Kenshi I'd be willing to tolerate it. More content makes people happier...provided they keep squashing those pesky bugs.

06-28-2016, 04:53 PM
Why stop at 8 Factions?

I think it was stated somewhere that they were going to cap at 8/9 factions, but I can't find the reference so I'm not exactly sure what the number was.

Personally, if we got both Inferno and Sanctuary after Fortress I'd be thrilled. I'd really like to see sanctuary move towards (but not completely, the ocean theme is still neat) a swamp theme, taking some elements from HoMM3's Fortress faction for some units while retaining some of the better Sanctuary units. Serpent Flies and Lizard-men come to mind as good units for the Sanctuary, however others (Basalisk/Wyvern) are already used elsewhere. As for alternative creatures for the Sanctuary in particular, I remember reading that the Cave Hydra is one of a species, so maybe with a move towards the swamp thematic for Sanctuary, we could get a Swamp Hydra? Have the heads resemble crocodiles, give it some kind of fire breath (swamps often have flammable gas pockets everywhere), give it feet and it will look and behave much differently from the Cave/Dark Hydra.


Alternative creatures for the Dungeon? The Manticore and Shadow Panthers come to mind, those Lizard Riders from HoMM5 (whatever they were called). I feel like Dungeon heroes should probably be riding Nightmares around instead of these weird scaled down dragon-creatures, given that the Sylvan ride Unicorns.

06-29-2016, 04:08 PM
Why stop at 8 Factions?

Sorry I misspoke! The more faction, the better! The problem is that we only have 6 factions ... For me, if there was a specification for the basic version, it would be minimum 8 factions.

A post on the various factors proposed by heroescommunity:


My post on the french forum :


_Inferno with corrupts humans
_Human crusaders
_Tomb Kings

I have a post where I offers new factions on this forum :


personally, I preferred to see inferno that lacks this seriously Opus. Inferno was in HOMM 3, 4, 5, 6. Inferno has no place as sanctuary to me.

Afterwards, if a new faction that never exist, I think it could bring new blood to the license.