View Full Version : Can't login to my account pls help!

03-22-2016, 07:21 AM
I got problem with my new account, i just brought The Division CD, and i was created account but i didnt get confirmation after that i thought it wasn't necessary so i proceed to login after created account. After 4hours playing i log out my uplay account and when i want to log in back i can't do that its keep saying wrong email or password, so i try to create a new one with same email i was created at 1st and it works so now i have a new account with my old email. But i can't play my The Division Games, pls whats wrong with my uplay? Can ubisoft can do something bout it? this is my 1st time to have uplay account, if u guys need information i just did send a ticket for this problem. And anyway my uplay username is ravenjc8 (1st created), raidenjc(2nd created). Im really desperately confuse what happen to acoount. I was thinking if i was wrong to put my email how come that be coz after i created account i must login again, i dont think i will type a same wrong email twice with same number or alphabet. Please someone help coz i dont want to lose this game i just bought it on Sunday 20 March 2016.