View Full Version : Help my granddaughter and myself connect our games through google login

03-22-2016, 04:24 AM
I am trying to play Horse Haven with my granddaughter who is moving away. We want to be connected in the game so we can play together even though she is not here with me. I am logged into my google account and she is logged in to her google account. When I click on the friends icon on my game I can see Amy and my granddaughter's icon with her name Kaleena. When she clicks the friend icon she can only see Amy. She doesn't have a facebook so we can't connect through that. I'm confused as to why I can see her but she can't see me. I have changed my settings, double checked that our settings are the same, and I don't know what else to do. When I go to her ranch and pet her horses a letter pops up in her game saying a friend visited your ranch but it says unknown. And we have tried to click on the cars on the road but it won't let us click on them. When we pull up our player profiles in google play and click on Horse Haven, it tells me that that I have one friend that plays and it shows my granddaughter's profile. When she opens her profile and clicks on Horse Haven it tells her that "no one you know plays this game yet". I have been playing as long as she has and even though it says I'm on level 8, I was on level 25 but my game disappeared when I was trying to solve this issue and accidently deleted my game when I thought I was logged in as my granddaughter. So it says I have 32 of 45 achievements unlocked even though it looks like I'm only at level 8 as of right now. I know this seems silly but it something that we really want to figured out to help keep us connected once she moves. I hope some of these details will help someone figure out the problem. I contacted customer support and they were no help. I have messaged them again with these details I included here. Can someone please help me fix this so we can enjoy the game together? Thank you!

Update: After another message from customer service basically saying they can't help me, I logged in today and the problem is gone. We both can see the other's icon and visit each other's ranches. Thank You God! This means so much to us!