View Full Version : PC Lexington Event Center Challenging Mode Causes the mission to not progrees

03-22-2016, 01:14 AM
In the Lexington event Center, during a challenge mode run, one of the hostages dies, but the mission acts as if you can carry on with the mission. After you clear all the waves of enemies, the mission gets stuck at "Secure the Area" and will not progress any further. This has happened twice in a row now where we are unable to save it no matter how we tried to approach that area. The mission does not inform you that you have failed or that you cannot continue, in fact the voice acting by Laeu suggests that in theory you don't have to save any of the hostages just kill the bad guys. I am not sure if the non continuation of the mission is supposed to happen, but in how it plays out it feels like a failure to save the hostage should not end in never ending mission. This has so far only occurred with the hostage in front of the TV cameras.