View Full Version : So....How is racing 30sec tracks over and over again classed as "fun" ??

Boris The Frog
03-21-2016, 06:21 PM
Beats me...But it sure as hell kept me entertained for the entire weekend.
Thanks to everyone concerned with this game - you have my pre order money and I can't wait for the second instalment towards the end of the week.

Just a few minor quibbles with the beta:

1..The off road vehicles feel a bit too twitchy and turn a little too easily (almost like it's not analog steering)
2..After the race session is over, sometimes the results page disappears a bit too quickly.
3..I am bit confused with the player challenge thing (in the campaign setting). I was 0-7 against a friend, beat a track time and ended up at 3-9.
4..Random pauses when players enter an in progress game.
5..The start/finish line isn't too well defined on some of the circuit races. Maybe something visual on the track itself to give you an idea as to when you start a new lap.

But absolutely no complaints whatsoever and for 26.99 it really is a steal.
Thanks again

03-21-2016, 06:51 PM
I made a track in the beta that takes a minute to run...

03-22-2016, 03:09 PM
I totally agree with OP. Good points!