View Full Version : Do you agree? (feedback and sugestion)

03-21-2016, 06:04 PM
So, I've been playing trackmania since 2005, always loved the game, and this time is no different. Yes, I love innovation and I even think it needed a bit more!

Everything is fine, all I and my friends miss are some gamemodes... like racing for exemple.
Its a racing game without racing gamemode.
I like time trial because you can see who is the most skilled player, but it miss the fun, you know?
We want to buy the game, but it will just be the same as trackmania 2, only with some minor changes and a new theme.

Can't we enable or disable colisions? It would make the game way more interactive and dynamic. what about damage to the car?
I would be cool if you could crash your car, then just fix it by returning to the checkpoint. We miss those things, obviously making it with the option to toggle it.

I tought you guys meant to make a new game, not the same game just looking better.
If you promise us constant updates with new gamemodes and new features to the game, for sure we are buying it, we just need a reason!

-The beta was really stable, everything was fine, only minor errors, but that was ok, I liked the new editing modes,
its intuitive and simple, for sure the quantity of created tracks will now rise.

-Also the soundtrack is really cool! I liked most of the songs, it makes the game more dynamic and more exciting. Also by being minor based songs makes it even cooler.

-The new local multiplayer modes are cool as well, and they got colisions only on them, that for some reason you cant turn on on other gamemodes right?
The mono screen seems fun, as the others as well, but I miss racing, racing has emotion, time trial dont.

I have played every single trackmania ever released, and seriously, I don't miss more than I asked, all the gameplays are great, seriously, they are great, if its hard: nice! Its one more thing to master!

But we have been dreaming about colision since trackmania united, and sadly we never had it.

So.... why not? At least you guys have plans for it? please... don't let my question sitted here alone without an answer.
Answer it, even to say NO.

Thank you.