View Full Version : can we excpect that for honor will be realeased this year?

03-21-2016, 05:34 PM
i just wondering becuse from the start i think that i acctuley read that it was suppose to be realeased at the end of december 2015, but now i havent found any realeas date.

i played the alpha and it was awsome, probebly the best game i ever played. and i'm really pumped up about it, i dosent care if it take a long time for the game to finnish becuse i know what i was felling when i played it and how the game was! and as i said it was awesome! i loved it! and i think it is great that u take time to make it even greater! i really hope that u will make it the best game ever! becuse u as it seams now it can become it! i just hope that u want realeas it to early. even if i'm egered to play it.


03-28-2016, 10:50 PM
Hello MrPideGY,

Thanks for the question. We're happy to see your excitement for For Honor! We haven't announced a release date just yet, but stay tuned. We'll share more information here as it becomes available.