View Full Version : open beta feedback and questions

03-21-2016, 05:22 PM
Still very excited about the game, and I still plan on purchasing it though I ran into something that did not occur in closed beta. I have had a problem with exiting user made tracks, once I select exit the game doesn't respond or there is a very long delay, one time I had to select exit four times. Is this a bug that's being worked out? Overall though the game is great though I already had the single player tracks unlocked so I could not see if the progression system has changed. Coming from the closed beta I had these following questions:

I noticed there is still no option to name your tracks and lobbies online; Is this a feature that you guys will be adding, or am I just missing it?

The option to individually delete a track piece in the editor is still not there. Is this another feature you guys plan on adding? or is it something that cannot be done because it would be a very appreciated option to have.

What do the different metal types in the garage do? Because I still cannot see a notable difference on the cars.

Is the ability to remap controls going to be added?

Will we have the ability to type messages rather than just using generic ones?

Finally, how long will this game be supported after release? Are you guys going to go right back to work on the mania planet titles or will you try to support both.