View Full Version : "Best Time" Display Suggestion

03-21-2016, 12:30 PM
Old player from TMN here, thought I'd ask...why can't I see my "overall" personal best on a specific track? By "overall" I mean across server. Back in TMN, even if you played the track offline, when you played the same track on a server online, you offline time would show up if if was you best time. And once you updated your PB either offline or online, this information would carry over the next time you encounter the track.be

Is it possible to replicate this in TMTurbo? Kinda makes no sense to see "Your best score" twice on the top left and top right of my screen (why do I have to see it twice by the way?...) when it's actually not my personal best score. Might not seem like a big issue, but as a player who used to play competitively, knowing your PB and seeing it when you load the track (either offline or online) is kinda like an instant refresh of what the track is for your brain.

Basically at the moment...well...I don't really know what my PB on any track is because there is nothing global, it's either offline PB or per server PB. And even per server, the PB doesn't carry over to the next time the track loads up on the same server...kinda pointless information in the current state of the game.

If you could please look into this or explain why you've made the decision of going down this path (might not be technically possible on console? I don't know) it would be great!

...also, if I can add. Let us remap the control please...all of them. Let me remap accelerate / break to the X and the Square and the scoreboard to L1. How am I suppose to look at the scoreboard with R1...if I'm accelerating with R2? I'm using my index for both, nobody uses their major to press R2 come on...