View Full Version : PC PC: Peripheral random disconnects

03-20-2016, 07:33 PM
The issue I am experiencing is when using an Xbox controller on PC when I return to a safehouse ( through death or fast travel ) My Xbox controller will randomly disconnect, and with this so will my mouse.

Over the past 3 days I have had this happen 4 times, and all I am left with is minimal functions. ( WASD etc ) however I have zero use of my mouse on any part of my computer.

To resolve this issue normally I need a hard reset, as I am unable to click anything with my mouse.

I have also done basic troubleshooting of reconnecting the peripherals, driver updates etc but it does nothing to help.

Now while I am not 100% sure the game is the issue, I have not had this occur since before I played or during the time I am not playing.

I am currently running
A Razor Blackwdiow Ultimate 2013 Keyboard
A Madkatz Cyborg RAT 7 Mouse
1 Xbox one controller

If there is anything else you need to help isolate a problem I will do what I can, but this does become and inconvenience while playing