View Full Version : PC Missing Paid DLC Outfits

03-20-2016, 07:10 PM
Before i start - I've tried Ubisoft Support Tickets, Twitter and Steam. No luck even getting a helpful response.

Almost 2 weeks ago now i bought the paid DLCs for the division. - Military Specialist + Marines.
After activating them on Steam, uPlay and checking the ingame store each one says that these items are owned and activated. So i go to check the rewards vendor and there is nothing, so i thought ok ill give it a few days as the rewards vendor at the moment is buggy with the pre order dlc and what not as many people have had to wait a while for those to appear. 2 days go by and nothing, 4 days and i think ok this is stupid so i post a ticket on ubisoft support and get told to get 'check the rewards vendor' So i reply saying its not there and its active everywhere just the rewards vendor does not have it. No reply since.
So then i take to twitter to start trying to get some attention for this issue that way, takes a while but i get some response saying....'Have you tried checking the rewards vendor?' After i posted 2 pictures of the rewards vendor not having my items. I then have to spam again to get an response in which they tell me to DM them my ticket number and they will help me further.
That was about 4 days ago and i have heard nothing on Twitter nor Ubisoft Support, ive tried to get in contact again and nothing. At this point i dont really care for the outfits its the fact that they have taken almost 10 from me and i have gotten nothing. Theft? Scam? Whatever you want to call it, it is not right.

If anyone can help me, or wants proof that im not stupid i will be happy to show pictures or even take screenshots. I'll most likely make a video tomorrow more about the issue. As far as i know im the only one that has this which makes it more annoying.