View Full Version : Suggestions for Turbo

03-20-2016, 02:21 PM

Im an TM player since 2007 and i really enjoyed the beta so far, but it still have some suggestions.
Some have allready been posted here but i'll sum them up anyway.

1. Cameras
I would like to see the 3rd camera setting again it seems to be better for driving in my opinion

2. Wallride
I noticed that when you take a wallride the camera doesnt shift anymore and it is pretty annoying

3. Spectate mode
Could this be implemented again cause I found it most usefull to spectate others to get better in certain tracks.

4. Other players
I personally liked driving without any distractions from other players crashing or doing drifts everywhere.
So it would be nice if we could just disable other cars from showing.

5. Scoreboard
I just don't like it.
It just doesn't show long enough, I would like to compare my times with those of the top 3 (or 5). You just don't get enough time to check other players times.

6. Checkpoints (HUD)
It would be nice to see which player hold which checkpoints at any given time, not just briefly in the left side of the screen.
So you could check at which point you lose time.

7. Pings
The hello, gg, .. pings, they are just annoying :) they distract from the track and they don't add anything to the gameplay experience.
Everytime a player joins you see 40+ names popping up saying hello.