View Full Version : Universal ranking associated with uplay account

03-20-2016, 08:34 AM
I bought the game on pc but sadly the beta is only on consoles, so I played on my ps4 and worked hard a bit try to get some records. I did assume that the records are associated with uplay account but its obviously not happening cause when I played it with another ps4 account with the same uplay account, I don't see any records from the early account I played.
and the most importantly that my official will be on pc, so I wont get all my records and game processes for sure. but this is just unfair for those who bought the game but couldn't join the beta(region and platform).
so I would suggest to either give played a choice to use universal game process, or just reset user data for beta players when the game comes out.(would be fine to keep the world records but clean the online level)