View Full Version : bizarre console framerate bug on PC

03-20-2016, 05:07 AM
there is a bug... i don't have idea what causes, it's rare to happen and this is just the second time i have this. This happened first on open beta, but lets go to detail:

My game ran with LOCKED 30fps, when my settings are pretty configured for:
- unlocked framerate
- or locked 60, 120
- with or without vsync enabled
- on full screen or windowed mode

the game just start running with a very low fps and get to its 30-36, some times 40 on interiors and some times this gets 26, 28fps... pretty much a console framerate for a titan x. When this happen, i manage to get my 75fps back crankimg down my ultra mixed settings to medium. This just pissed me out because i have a capable card for run on ultra mixed settings and for any reason this get bugged out.

how this happens:
i noticed two ways, on closed beta this starts when my graphic card driver crashed, even reboot the whole computer didn't fixed. I remember to fix this by redownlod the whole beta.

yesterday this happen after the russian consul mission, the framerate get pretty hit there, this mission is where i experienced the most awful framerates in whole game for the settings i was playing. So how i manage to fix this?

- did a clean install of my last graphic card driver using ddu
- deleted the user/documents game preference folder
- validate the game files on steam

i could get my 60-75fps range back, but this is simple bizarre one day you game running okay and a few hours later this get ****ty hit by consolization framerates, for no fckng reason? wtf?

The question is:
until now i was running the game "fine" and on my expected framerate range. Then a few hours later this just get bugged out and start running at low's 30... without i cranked up my settings or resolution. If this happens to you, maybe you can try this resolution as temporary fix. If devs takes this serious.