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03-20-2016, 03:16 AM
Hi all,

Have been playing the game online with a few friends for waaay to long this evening, but there is some slightly off with multiplayer. I believe is mostly down to the scoreboard and other on screen elements, which is that online multiplayer just doesnt actually feel competitive, more just Solo and other players happen to be around. Let me just run down some of the problems, some possible solutions and let me know what you guys think;

Final Scoreboard
Why can you only see 10players times near you? What time did the winner get? How far were you behind the winner? What ranks were player I was competing against? There is soo little information visible on the final scoreboard that is only shown for 5seconds that you don't get a good idea of how competitive you were. In short I believe that it could do with a total redesign;

Always show the top 3 times, there is a podium shown of the cars, but not what times they got!
Time of any friends that are currently in the session. Important when playing in a group as we had to keep asking each other what times we had achieved, 4 of us were all playing together and had no idea who was the winner in our group!
Split time to first....
The ranks and positional change of the players you were competing against.
2 columns,you could easily squeeze it down to have more scores side by side. Could even break up some of my suggestions above and have them in one of the columns!

Time Attack
Why is the full scoreboard shown at the end of each run? There is already a screen element showing your current position in the session, and as there is so little information on the full scoreboard does it need to be shown at the end of each run? When you cross the finish line your finish time is hardly visible near the bottom of the screen with your split time and it doesnt show you a position change.

Scrap the end of run Scoreboard completely, you can view it by pressing RB at anytime anyway
Create a new popup to make it easier to see your Run time, splits, position change and your personal record for that track.

End of Game Ranking Screen
Is it really necessary to show a full screen showing rank the rank increase just for that single track you were playing? Why not the rank increase for your Global score?

HUD Elements

Is it necessary to keep your global ranking cycling around on the upper right, wouldn't it be better to just show some time information, like previous runtime and personal record?
Option to mute the "Pings"without having to turn off player names.

Also I know this has been brought up before, but... Medals in Multiplayer! I have bested my times more in MP then in Solo, so its annoying that you then have to go back to unlock them again. Perhaps, to keep that balance, Medals could only be earned on tracks you have unlocked.

Sorry for the length of my rant, but these are only my suggestions for improving an already awesome game!