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03-20-2016, 12:57 AM
I just reach 3,000,000+ People, 177 Level on Expert mode. I didnt build at perfect layouts that i discover them while playing, but if i go from start again i could get mabye 200k people more, but i will not go from zero again =). I reach this in about in 102 h of playing, and Asteroid Miner app help me a lot with rare materials. I didnt see any video or image on youtube or steam community with that much people or level, so if you are in same level or higher level, please paste some images here.

Also i didnt seatle all arctics and moon space with houses, so mabye i could get around 50k more people, mabye 100k.

Some interesting facts in my game:
- i have 160 trading routs
- i produce more than 370,000 energy
- my Credit Balance:
Revenue: 5,100,000+
Expense: 4,700,000+
- almost 2,300,000 Investors
- Military level: 25



03-20-2016, 12:29 PM
I settle all 4 temperate zones full of houses, but one per one of corse. For more space for food i delete then all first level houses because they give only around 20k of population. Somewhere i delete second level houses too for more space for food.
But this cant be possible if there was no Tundra's biocatalysts. that's save me a loooot of space for food.
At the begining i was buying whole luxury food from world marker, but after some updates that almost get me broke, because Ubi fix World market by increasing market prices. Back there when i revenue 2h routes, my balance jump to -700,000 (dont remember exacly number) so because of that i didnt settle one island full of houses because i started building luxury food so i had to cancel all trading routes.
I almost get broke seconf time when i deleted one road that connect port on biggest island, and i didnt see that so people start moving out and my balance jump to -1 million, after fixing road people start moving in again but so slow, that i almost lost all money and on expert mode i think you lose a game if u get broke. I hope Ubi fix this with deleating roads.

My world market roads are:
5x 500 organic food
2x 500 Rejuvenators (after tundra update i could use this 2 roads for something better than this)
2x 500 Molybdenum
1x 500 Watter

world market costs: almost 400,000

04-03-2016, 05:27 PM

After I demolished almost everything around level 86, I used only 2 temperate Islands and made it to investors and executives. Then I demolished the starting island as well.
The luxury food, water and silicon is fulfilled using tundra module. at vanha plain, I used tundra module for cobalt as well.

I didn't fulfill the need for vitamin drink because it uses too much land.

04-22-2016, 10:05 PM
Hello B4Nd1d0s, your very good, is there any way that you could do a step by step walk by, I never going back to n hard, need help.